Semi permanent make up tattooing is an amazing way to enhance natural beauty on a woman’s face. Thanks to the latest and most modern equipments we can achieve super natural and beautiful long-lasting results. Wake-up with make-up, what more a woman needs in such a fast paced world that we live in?! I have been in this industry for many years now, constantly training and updating my skills to deliver great results. Learning from great tutors I have plenty of techniques to use according to your needs.

What to expect from the treatment and me?

Once you decide to benefit from this amazing treatment it will help you to feel confident in everyday situations, it will help you to save time and money on make-up. I understand women and their needs, I do take my time when it comes to creating any new tattooing for my clients. This job can’t be rushed and details are very important. I am friendly and professional with years of experience, I want to make sure that you will like your “new look” and you can wear it happily.

Is there a consultation?

Yes, there is and it is free of charge. There is no commitment until you say yes, I want to make an appointment. Upon the consultation I will explain the treatment in depth, do a rough design and show you what colours are available. Also I will perform an allergy test on you.

Who can benefit from semi permanent make up tattooing?

Any ages ( above 18 years only) and anyone really who needs some correction and natural enhancement. There is no such rule who is a good candidate and who is not, it really depends on your face, skin type, and your needs. The questions is always - What are we trying achieve?! I recommend this if you have sparse eyebrows with gaps, if you like to wear your eyebrows a bit stronger and needs more definition, you have lost the some parts of your eyebrow shape. Eyeliner can be optional for someone who doesn’t know how to draw a nice eyeliner or doesn’t like to apply eyeliner daily, someone who has light eyelashes so the liner can bring more volume. Lip blush is great if your natural lip colour is fading or if you have uneven lip border, maybe you want optically bigger lips and you feel more comfortable having a nice lip colour on daily? The list goes on, are you a busy mum who is tired of drawing eyebrows every morning, or maybe you are a sportswoman?!

What is the downtime of this treatment?

After your visit your tattooing will look darker for about a week, it is still wearable and you continue with your life as usual, expect 40% fading after the first week. The healing is quite simple and straight forward, however you need to avoid sun, sauna, steam, sweating, soaking of the area for 2 weeks. I will provide in depth after-care.

What is the touch-up/ 4 week retouch?

This means that you will have to come back for a second visit after 4 weeks. The skin has a healing time which is about 28 days. During this time you will notice a lot of changes in your tattooing which is completely expected and usual, do not worry. The second visit will ensure that any colour loss or gaps will be filled and completed to last.

How long will my tattooing last?

The general rule is 1,5 years to 2 years, however lips tattooing can lasts longer. It will partly depend on you and how will you look after your skin. Sun fades the pigments the most, so please ensure that you are wearing SPF cream when you are spending time outdoors. Lighter colour fade sooner and younger/oily skin also looses colour sooner compared to dry/elderly skin.

What should I do if I am interested?

I suggest you visit my social media where you can browse more pictures and read reviews. Best to book your free consultation so I can meet you in person and show your “new look” :). Please get in touch via phone or e-mail.

Hair stroke £270
Soft powder £270
Combination £270
Eyelash enhancement £220
Top eyeliner £250
Top and bottom eyeliner £270
Soft blush £350
Full blush £400
Touch ups and correction
6-12 months £180
12-18 months £200

*Correction works: price upon the consultation
** All prices inc. 4/6 weeks top-up visit!

Enquire: 07460181850 This treatment is available in Brighton and also as a mobile/home visit in Essex, East London, South East London, The City areas.